What Can An Epoxy Floor Coating Do For You?

If you’re considering a new flooring solution for your commercial space, you may want to consider an epoxy floor. While an epoxy floor coating may be a new idea to you, it is actually one of the most popular choices for business and industrial floor applications. Combining durability and easy adhesiveness, epoxy flooring creates a seamless flooring system that will last for years to come.

How Is Epoxy Flooring Installed?

Part of the popularity of an epoxy floor is the ease of installation. Epoxy coatings start as a liquid and harden after being poured on the desired floor surface. Typically epoxy is added on top of a prepared concrete surface. It’s important to consider what material your current flooring surface is made of before hiring a company to complete an epoxy floor coating. Epoxy does not work well on top of polyurethane or latex paint finishes. Some stripping may be necessary before pouring the epoxy.

Many Design Options

New technology has allowed epoxy coatings to be loaded with different materials like glitter and sand, which can create specific design elements. If you’re after a particular color or texturized look for your flooring, a qualified epoxy flooring company should be able to give you lots of options. The seamless design of epoxy flooring provides a distinct look that is easy to maintain for your business, laboratory, or other commercial space.

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