One can go online and find thousands of articles about the benefits of applying a concrete hardener to concrete substrates. Practically every Lowes, Home Depot, Sam's Club, Bj's, and major corporate distribution center use this process to enhance the appearance and extend life of their concrete floors. The cost benefit of hardening and densifying bare concrete is so enormous, it's almost negligent to design a concrete substrate without some form of concrete hardener. At Blair Duron, we are familiar with the traditional water based densifiers such as Ashford Formula, Euclid Diamond Hard, Nox-Crete as well as the lithium based products like Pentra-Sil by Convergent Concrete and Consolideck by Prosoco.

Concrete Hardening and Densifying

Blair Duron is knowledgeable and price competitive in the installation of these and other concrete sealers, hardeners and densifiers. Contact us for a free price quote.

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