Blair Duron has been involved in concrete polishing since its inception over 10 years ago. The original patent holder for polishing chemically hardened concrete floors was a fellow Richmonder. He and I ran around many years ago polishing concrete floors for free just to see if it could be done. It could!

Some of the procedures Blair Duron helped develop back then are still used worldwide today. Advancements in polishing equipment and abrasive technology have both improved and complicated the process (often referred to as the "Art") of concrete polishing. The wet polishing we were performing back then later became named RetroPlate and the dry polishing we started performing a couple of years later named SuperFloor.

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With the multiple methods we use to polish concrete, our concrete prices range from $.70 per sq ft to $6.00 per sq ft. That's a big range for buyers to choose from, but concrete polishing pricing is very dependent on the condition of the individual concrete slab as well as the expectations the end users want to achieve.

Whether the polishing is performed wet or dry, or it is called RetroPlate, SuperFloor, Certi-Shine, Induroshine, Permashine, or the other dozen names out there, Blair Duron understands the processes involved to achieve the best gloss available at the price the customer is looking to spend.

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