Urethane coatings have been around longer than epoxy coatings and although it is an older technology, it is still regarded in the industry as a better performing polymer for its outstanding abrasion resistance and gloss retention. Urethanes are usually more flexible than rigid epoxy coatings and it is this slight flexibility that allows it to better absorb shock and resist scratching under foot and wheel traffic, especially if abrasives such as sand or metal shavings are in contact with the floor surface. Revolutionary engineering first utilized by the Pepsi Corporation to bond the polymer labels to their glass bottles was later incorporated by The Tennant Company to enhance the bond their urethane coatings to concrete allowing for two thin coats of urethane to perform well under the heaviest traffic conditions. Further engineering by The Tennant Company produced patented coatings loaded with ceramic fillers that greatly extended the life of their urethane floors, especially under aggressive traffic such as fork trucks or high volume foot traffic. Many of our industrial, commercial and hangar floors clients selected two thin coats of our toughest urethane as their flooring system as this is not only very durable, but also our most economic flooring installation available.

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If there is a disadvantage of urethane flooring, it must be applied very thin or it will misbehave. For older concrete showing signs of erosion or impact damage, two coats of urethane will not provide the repairing needed to achieve a smooth floor. In these cases, an epoxy primer is required as it can be applied at a greater thickness and a topcoat of urethane is then applied as the final wear coat. This is the most requested system from our clients with older floors.

Urethane coatings offer the highest abrasion resistance as well as excellent color stability and chemical resistance making them the preferred choice as the seamless floor's final wear coat. Of all of our clients with heavy foot traffic, or wheel traffic such as fork trucks or aircraft and even paws, the overwhelming majority selected polyurethane as the wear surface.

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