Blair Duron’s Safety Program

Blair Duron has the most OSHA 500/510/30 cardholders and the most frequent retraining program in the industry. We also retain a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) to review and improve our overall safety program and complex site safety conditions.

Further, we employ a multi-pronged approach to ensure all employees are fit for work:

  • Manage compliance with the Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace policy
  • Require each employee to assess their ability to:
    • Concentrate and retain mental awareness and sustained physical activity, free of mental and physical fatigue throughout the day, excluding breaks and lunch
    • Bend, crouch, kneel, and lift a minimum of 20 pounds, operate equipment & tools, and perform repetitive motions
  • Remind employees to rehydrate throughout the day
  • Empower all employees with the autonomy to stop work at any time should they encounter a safety risk or concern

During Monthly All-Hands (led by Executive Leadership), Weekly All-Hands (led by General Foremen), and During Daily Toolbox Talks (led by Foremen at every project site and the Warehouse Manager at the Warehouse):

  • Remind all field and warehouse team members Safety is our #1 priority
  • Review numerous safety topics and near miss events
  • Report any physical or mental limitations during the daily toolbox talks that take place in the warehouse, at every project site, and at any time during the day precluding them from performing floor preparation or installation tasks in a safe and professional workman-like manner
  • Remind every employee they are empowered to stop work at any time should they encounter a safety risk or concern