Risk Management in Commercial Flooring Installations

In project management, risk management is the practice of identifying, evaluating, and preventing or mitigating risks to a project that could potentially impact the desired outcomes. At Blair Duron, the executive team brings an unrivaled discipline i... Read More

Blair Duron Safety Program

As with any industry, an emphasis on safety is important. At Blair Duron, our mission is to elevate our clients’ floors to the highest level by providing supervisor workmanship and materials, which ensure endurance and value. Part of what makes thi... Read More

Benefits of Restaurant Floor Polishing

While they may not seem like something that gets a lot of attention, the floors of your restaurant are just as important as anything else. In your restaurant, you want to have floors that look great and are durable and easy to walk on. This is especi... Read More

Safety Moments

Blair Duron values the importance of Safety Moments and Tool Box Talks. These are in addition to formal safety training and classes for training for specific tasks and jobs. Safety Moments provide a consistent way to ensure continuous safety improvem... Read More