Safety Moments

safety moments with Blair Duron

Blair Duron values the importance of Safety Moments and Tool Box Talks. These are in addition to formal safety training and classes for training for specific tasks and jobs. Safety Moments provide a consistent way to ensure continuous safety improvement down and across all levels. We have found them to be an effective way to go beyond conventional regulations. While OSHA or other standardized regulations are important guidelines, in order to keep our team and the teams around us safe, we go beyond regulations and get specific about our work environment. For us, regulations are the base-level requirements, not our end goal.

Safety Moments enable our company to constantly surface the most pertinent safety issues of the day. These short, engaging pre-work chats enable the Project Manager and Safety Manager to focus on the topics and tasks most relevant to the people on that project that are engaging in that specific type of work.

We have found that Safety Moments’ frequency and informal nature successfully break down old safety stigmas. They enable our teams to facilitate a more effective safety culture. It’s one in which people feel comfortable identifying, discussing, and reporting potential safety issues.