Benefits of Restaurant Floor Polishing

While they may not seem like something that gets a lot of attention, the floors of your restaurant are just as important as anything else. In your restaurant, you want to have floors that look great and are durable and easy to walk on. This is especi... Read More

Do You Have to Seal Concrete?

When you’re installing a concrete floor, you should always add a sealer coat on top to help prevent slips and falls and discoloration. Since concrete is naturally porous, a concrete sealer helps prevent dirt, waste, and other bacteria from getting ... Read More

Industrial Flooring Solutions with Blair Duron

Blair Duron provides specialty industrial flooring solutions (epoxy, MMA, concrete and terrazzo) to end-users, general contractors, engineers and architects. As a pioneer and subject matter expert in industrial flooring, Blair Duron elevates floors t... Read More

What is Floor Sealing, and Does My Office Need It?

If you’re considering investing in a new or updated floor, we highly recommend using a sealant to keep it looking fresh. Sealant helps combat peeling and prevents discoloration. Floor sealer is recommended for concrete floors installed outdoors, su... Read More

What is Concrete Polishing?

First impressions matter. As a commercial building owner, you know this better than anyone. One way to give your concrete floor a professional sheen is to have the floors polished. This gives your concrete floor a sleek and shiny appearance that look... Read More