Choosing the Best Products and Partners

blair duron has the best products

As a product agnostic company, our customers place tremendous value in our abilities. These include providing the very best products for each specific application, schedule, and budget.

We choose seamless flooring systems–including primers and sealers, membrane and crack fillers, resurfaces, and performance topcoats. We only work with the very best product manufacturers.

Our quality department and technical experts audit each product partner. We ensure these firms have several factors. We look for a rigorous quality management system. In addition, we look for a full-time research and development department that tests every product they release to market, and a team of experts standing by to provide timely technical support if needed.

Independent of market segment and application, we have the expertise (our own and our partners’) to provide you with the best products for floor or wall coatings for your specific application.

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