Dinosaur Fossils Found In Floor Of J.W. Marriott

fossils display - blair duron

Imagine our surprise when we won a large project that included the installation of faux fossils in the lobby floor of the J.W.Marriott located at W. Riverside Street in Savannah, GA.

Our scope of work included self-leveling, mending, and repairing 10,000 square feet of substrate on the third floor of the hotel. And while overcoming project challenges–such as pumping 1,000 bags of product up into a multi-story hotel– is what we do every day, the opportunity to combine art, history, and modern science on a project is always fun.

This historic energy plant was transformed into a luxury hotel in what is now the new entertainment district of Savannah. The hotel, originally a power plant built in 1912, includes a variety of natural science artifacts: a 135-foot, chrome-dipped dinosaur; oversized geodes, gemstones, and fossils; a prehistoric tortoise shell; an Ice Age bear; and the world’s largest nugget of copper.

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