Industrial Flooring Solutions with Blair Duron

Blair Duron provides specialty industrial flooring solutions (epoxy, MMA, concrete and terrazzo) to end-users, general contractors, engineers and architects.

As a pioneer and subject matter expert in industrial flooring, Blair Duron elevates floors to the highest level of quality by implementing the latest technologies and employing one of the largest direct labor forces in the industry. No other firm is better equipped to meet today’s demanding client standards, stricter requirements, and government regulations. 

Founded in 1998, Blair Duron quickly carved out a spot as an industry leader in reliable, durable, and long-lasting industrial flooring with unrivaled safety, quality, on-time delivery, and client satisfaction. The firm subsequently set the gold standard from which all installation companies are measured.

At Blair Duron, we stand for integrity and ethics as well as diversity, inclusion, and safety in everything we offer. Our core values center around workplace respect, quality, and exemplary performance. Together with our partners, we recognize that people working together can solve the most complex challenges. 

Our vision is not only to be the best contractor, but also to be the employer of choice. We meet the highest standards and proactively cultivate a positive atmosphere, providing training, attractive benefits, and opportunities for our employees to grow. We proactively apply Safety First, Lean 5S and many other continuous improvement and best practice initiatives throughout our entire enterprise.

How We Operate 

At Blair Duron, we work with multiple supply chain partners to provide streamlined industrial flooring solutions you can count on. Our supply chain partners include Ashford Formula, Dur-A-Flex, Euclid Chemical, Hi-Tech Systems, Tennant Coatings, Retro Plates, General Polymers, Koster, and Florock. 

We employ over 75 project managers, estimators, and installation professionals with an average tenure of 8 years. Furthermore, we do not outsource labor because we recognize doing so would introduce compromises in safety, quality, and on-time project completion – hallmarks that differentiate us from other firms.

Blair Duron offers a host of add-on services including floor sloping, concrete polishing, moisture control, floor leveling, joint repair, and decorative broadcast.

What are Industrial Flooring Solutions?

Before investigating the numerous benefits of industrial flooring solutions with Blair Duron, let’s understand the basics. 

The term “industrial flooring” usually refers to floors used in industrial settings designed to endure heavy loads and frequent traffic. As such, industrial flooring is commonly comprised of durable materials, like concrete, or terrazzo that are engineered to withstand tremendous pressure and abrasion. However, these same industrial floors can remain elegant and aesthetically appealing, regardless of their function. 

Industrial flooring first became common as the United States increased industrial production. In modern times, traditional industrial flooring pairs durability with personalization and effective flooring. Companies can now achieve the same reliability they required from their industrial flooring combined with a personal flair.

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the right industrial flooring solution for your enterprise. Variations can occur with coloring, material layering, thickness, and overall strength. Regardless of what type of industrial floor design you choose, all industrial flooring requires regular care and maintenance to stay in pristine condition. 

Markets That Implement Industrial Flooring Solutions

To learn about how we can help you with your industrial flooring needs, visit our website for more information. 

We serve multiple markets with our industrial flooring solutions, including the following:

Auto dealerships

As the owner of an auto dealership, you know that a sleek appearance can help elevate your sales floor experience drastically. Auto dealers face unique needs when it comes to reliable industrial flooring solutions. 

At Blair Duron, we provide auto dealerships with metallic epoxy finishes, seamless-leveling epoxy coating, polished concrete overlays, and so much more to achieve that perfect sales- floor appeal. 

Data centers

Data centers rely on polished and pristine conditions to safely protect computer information. Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations, water, and other elements can put essential and personal information at risk. As a result, durable and trusted industrial flooring solutions are a necessary element in a functional data center in addition to slip resistance, ease of maintenance, seamless surfaces, and superior static control. Furthermore, we offer concrete, conductive rubber, or epoxy-coated flooring options to fit the needs of data centers. 

Food and beverage

If you are an enterprise owner within the food and beverage industry, you already know the challenges and importance of industrial flooring. Maintaining clean, durable, and long-lasting flooring solutions is a critical aspect of your overall operations. Within the food and beverages industry, temperatures can vary drastically in food preparation areas, stressing flooring over time. 

Furthermore, it is critical to have high levels of slip resistance and low impact due to high traffic. As a result, Blair Duron provides the industry with a variety of industrial flooring solutions to make your work environment sanitary and safe for everyone. Popular industrial flooring solutions within the food and beverage industry include epoxy-coating, methyl methacrylate, urethane cement, and Polyurea. 

Healthcare centers

Hospitals and other healthcare clinics are frequently high-traffic areas. In addition, they rely on sanitary conditions, anti-slip resistance surfaces, and flooring solutions that are easy to clean and maintain. The difference between a reliable flooring solution and a faulty floor can help save medical responders precious time, and in return, it could make the difference of saving a life. 

Blair Duron takes great pride in quality industrial flooring solutions for hospitals and healthcare centers. Our solutions help the healthcare industry streamline its services safely with anti-slip resistance techniques, durability, and easy-to-clean surfaces that ensure the highest levels of sanitization can be quickly streamlined. 

We even provide flooring solutions that are static-free, eco-friendly, avoid spreading pathogens, and emit extremely low VOC emissions to improve overall air quality. Finally, you can invest in flooring solutions that provide pressurization to dampen outside noise, giving your patients comfort, privacy, and peace of mind. 

Pharmaceutical production facilities and Laboratories

Pharmaceutical production and laboratory environments  require industrial flooring that meets strict CDC, FDA, and USDA guidelines. Antibacterial solutions, impact resistance, skid resistance, ease of maintenance, resistance to chemical spills, and high light reflectivity are all critical aspects of a long-lasting and reliable pharmaceutical flooring solution. 

Blair Duron often provides a combination of standard and customized solutions integrating vinyl or rubber sheets, resin flooring, and Terrazzo into the solution. Each of these solutions can keep your business in line with government regulations and make it easier for you to operate your enterprise safely. 

Veterinary offices and kennels

Kennels and vet offices both require durable and easy-to-clean flooring. Pets commonly have accidents on office flooring and can come into contact with other animals. Slip-resistance, ease-of-cleaning, cost, and durability are all critical aspects of a trusted industrial floor for your veterinary enterprise. Blair Duron can help with epoxy solutions that are highly resistant to wear and tear. 

Types of Industrial Flooring 

When it comes to choosing the right type of industrial flooring, it is crucial to consider your needs, ease of maintenance, durability, cleanliness standards, and overall aesthetic appeal. All of these factors provide valuable input that can help you choose the optimal industrial flooring solutions for your business or enterprise. 

Some common types of industrial flooring include epoxy coated flooring, polished concrete flooring, industrial tiling, hardened concrete flooring, urethane cement, and resin flooring, among other popular options. However, when it comes to finding an industrial flooring solution, there are limitless possibilities with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. 

Featured Technologies with Blair Duron 

Blair Duron offers multiple industrial flooring solutions for each industry and market we serve. We partner with manufactures that develop the newest technology with state-of-the-art materials to provide high-quality flooring solutions. As a result, our featured technologies have set us apart from our competitors, aiding hundreds of clients in their industrial flooring needs. Our featured technologies include specialization in the following flooring solutions. 


Acrylic flooring solutions are the optimal choice for many markets and industries. It is a resin-based material that implements thermoplastic resin that cures rapidly. One of the best aspects of acrylic flooring is it’s simple to clean and durable, even in the most highly-trafficked areas. 

Acrylic is relatively easy to install, can be customized to fit your current business aesthetic, and is abrasion-resistant. It is NSF-approved with an antibacterial coating, making it a wise choice for commercial kitchens, hospitals, and grocery stores. 


Epoxy flooring solutions are also highly durable. They often come in a high gloss, are resistant to abrasion, chemical material, and mold growth, and are non-porous and seamless. These elements combine to make epoxy-coated flooring installed over a concrete substrate a popular choice for any industry that requires waterproofing and sanitization. 

Like other industrial flooring solutions at Blair Duron, an epoxy coated floor can be customized to suit your personal enterprise aesthetics by choosing different colors and custom-blended broadcast. Different finishes can help you achieve the optimal appeal for your needs without compromising the strength and integrity of your flooring materials. Epoxy is popular across multiple industries. 


Urethane flooring is the optimal choice for industrial settings requiring high light exposure since it’s exceptionally resistant to UV light. It can retain its chosen customizable colors for longer than other industrial flooring options. In addition, it can be employed in any market, from healthcare systems to food industries and even automotive manufacturing settings. 

Urethane is known for its elasticity, weather resistance, and natural beauty. Its elasticity makes it simple to install over subflooring of other types, like cement and concrete. Furthermore, it is watertight and useful for thermal shock and improved antibacterial growths. 


Polyaspartic flooring is highly elastic and can be easily installed within a more extensive range of temperatures, making it convenient for many industries. 

Other advantages of this flooring materials are that it’s easy to bond with concrete surfaces and flexible enough to avoid severe cracking. Even UV and stain resistance makes it a good choice for industries with high light exposure or the possibility of stains. The most common sectors for polyaspartic flooring are commercial food and beverage and pharmaceutical laboratories.


Terrazzo flooring solutions use a composite of marble chips, granite, glass, quartz, and other polymeric or cementitious binders. Some advantages to choosing a Terrazzo flooring solution include durability (an average 75+-year lifespan), mold/bacteria and spill resistance, environmental friendliness, and ease of cleaning.

Urethane cement

Different from simple urethane flooring, urethane cement flooring is an excellent option for commercial enterprises in multiple markets. It implements urethane in combination with a cement mixture and can be applied with varying levels of thickness. It is a good choice for highly trafficked business locations. Additionally, the pros of investing in urethane cement flooring include resistance to cracking, seamless finishes, waterproof coatings, antibacterial solutions, and pigmented topcoats for a personalized appearance.

Poured cushion urethane

Alternatively, poured cushion urethane is another sub-category of urethane-based flooring solutions. Since it is semi-shock absorbent and padded, you can find it in gymnasiums, schools, and other athletic facilities. It has a layer of rubber that absorbs shock, followed by a polyurethane top layer. It is non-porous and easy to maintain. Also, you can repair it quickly by adding a new topcoat as natural wear and tear occurs with time.

The Best Types of Industrial Flooring

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard for customers to know which solutions are best suited for their specific needs, budget, and durability requirements.

At Blair Duron, we take pride in helping every client find the optimized solution that will suit their enterprise perfectly. 

Frequently Asked Questions at Blair Duron 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. 

How can you increase the lifespan of your flooring?

There are many factors for proper flooring care and maintenance that can increase the lifespan of your flooring. Care and maintenance depend on the type of flooring solution you invest in. Blair Duron can always help with more information on special care instructions for each material. 

However, regular washing and sweeping of flooring can prevent dirt, debris, and pollutants from becoming embedded in flooring and creating a dingy appearance. Furthermore, routine repairs and reapplying topcoats as needed can prevent additional cracks from forming over time.

Why might I need to reslope my industrial floor?

Not everyone will require a resloping service for their industrial flooring. In fact, most people will not need this service. However, Blair Duron knows that older flooring can sometimes slope over time. This is especially true if it was not installed properly or has reached the end of its lifespan. 

Your floor will need resloping if you visibly notice uneven surfaces or developing cracks. It is essential to invest in a resloping service to avoid more significant problems or an entire floor replacement. Replacing a floor is usually more costly than resloping. 

Will a floor installation disrupt normal business operations?

It depends on how large of an area your enterprise is reflooring, the nature of your business operations, and what type of industrial flooring you are choosing. With many of Blair Duron’s flooring solutions, installation is quick and straightforward. However, some flooring options require optimal set and cure times. Therefore, it is always a good idea to speak to one of our industrial flooring experts to minimize downtime. 

What type of customizations can you achieve with industrial flooring solutions?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many possible customizations with most types of industrial flooring. Enterprise owners can choose from additional coatings to aid in slip- and abrasion resistance, as well as antibacterial properties. 

Furthermore, colors and finishes are plentiful to fit each enterprise’s individual needs. Metallic finishes have become quite popular in several industries, including automotive dealerships and healthcare settings. Finding a durable flooring solution can also mean finding an aesthetically pleasing option for your enterprise. 

Are there industries or markets which should avoid industrial flooring?

Any industrial setting, marketplace, or business can benefit from industrial flooring. Non-industrial locations can get by with flooring solutions that implement lightweight and less durable materials. However, industrial environments require durability. They also need other features that aid everyday activities such as slip resistance, sanitization standards, and high light exposure.

Learn More With Blair Duron 

At Blair Duron, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, fast, and quality industrial flooring services. We not only offer numerous industrial flooring materials to choose from and work with multiple industries. In addition, we also help you maintain your flooring with cutting-edge technology and friendly service.