Do Epoxy Floors Require Any Maintenance?

epoxy maintenance

Pharmaceutical companies in the Research Triangle Park area do terrific work in regards to advancing scientific and medical technologies across the country. There is a lot that goes into these industries, both in terms of routine foot traffic and heavy machinery that can take a toll on a floor. That’s why pharmaceutical companies need to have the right kind of floor. It needs to be resistant to abrasions and chemicals while also offering optimal protection and waterproofing where sloped floors exist. Sloped floors are standard in many North Carolina pharmaceutical plants. Epoxy floors are the right kind of floor for the pharmaceutical industry. Best of all, they don’t require a lot of epoxy maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about business interruption. 

Why Pharmaceutical Plants Need Epoxy Professionals For Epoxy Maintenance and Installation

Epoxy doesn’t need much ongoing maintenance outside of the regular spot cleaning. However, commercial and industrial floors will need to have a fresh coat of epoxy every two to three years. This is one of the reasons hiring an experienced flooring installation company with a direct labor force at any stage of the industrial flooring process is critical. 

Blair Duron has one of the largest direct labor forces in the United States. But why exactly does that make a difference? When it comes to commercial and industrial flooring solutions, pharmaceutical plants benefit from the expertise of contractors who have spent decades working with epoxy flooring. They understand how to eliminate waste, provide in-house repairs, and offer genuine knowledge and insight into how an epoxy floor can benefit daily tasks. 

Unfortunately, companies may sometimes go with a contractor who claims to have experience working with epoxy floors. Then they find out during the installation or repair process that contractor only worked on one or two of these floors before. Inexperienced installation can cost you, the client, money and frustration down the line, which is why hiring an experienced team with a direct labor force upfront can ensure you’re getting a top-rated, high-quality product and installation that will suit your company’s needs from the outset. 

Why Epoxy Flooring Works in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Epoxy is a type of resinous flooring that is poured over concrete to enhance its appearance, chemical resistance, and durability. Each layer of resinous coatings serves a different purpose. These range from bonding the layers together to achieving optimal thickness, chemical and UV resistance, strength, and aesthetic design. In fact, various types of epoxy floorings can achieve unique aesthetic designs. This includes quartz-filled epoxy and epoxy flakes. These add a beautiful shimmer and shine to the floor, as well as color to help match a company’s design aesthetic and theme. 

However, one of the main reasons epoxy is so often used in the pharmaceutical industry is that it helps repel flames and meets certain FDA-related industry standards. There is always a risk working with chemicals. Workers in the pharmaceutical industry need to have a flooring solution that can protect them in case of an emergency. Furthermore, due to the products pharmaceutical plants work with, workspaces need to meet regulations from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Under Title 21, Volume 4 of the Code of Federal Regulations, all pharmaceutical buildings and facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or hold a drug-related product must be in clean condition. Furthermore, all waste, including trash and organic matter must be disposed of in a sanitary manner. Since many pharmaceutical plants have sloped floors for proper drainage, they need floors that can perform this task hygienically. The floors must be able to be properly cleaned afterward to avoid infection. 

This federal regulation applies to employees and contractors alike. The industrial flooring experts at Blair Duron are familiar with local laws and federations. We will work within those parameters when installing or conducting epoxy maintenance in your facility. 

Call Blair Duron For All Your Epoxy Installation and Maintenance Needs in the Research Triangle Park Area

Since concrete is a naturally porous material, epoxy coatings help prevent chemicals, bacteria, and water from seeping into the floor. These can damage it from the inside out. As such, even though epoxy maintenance is easy to do, it’s necessary to prevent any possible damage to your floors. When you’re ready to learn more about epoxy floors, epoxy maintenance, or installation, Blair Duron is here to help. We have decades of experience under our belt working with epoxy floors. We understand why they’re necessary for pharmaceutical industries and the benefits they yield. 

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