Benefits of Restaurant Floor Polishing

restaurant floor polishing

While they may not seem like something that gets a lot of attention, the floors of your restaurant are just as important as anything else. In your restaurant, you want to have floors that look great and are durable and easy to walk on. This is especially true since your restaurant is a high foot-traffic area, and that traffic can cause damage to your floors over time. There are several reasons, both practical and aesthetic, that you should consider using polished concrete in your restaurant. Here’s why you should consider getting polished concrete floors for your restaurant and what to expect from the restaurant floor polishing process. 

It’s Less Slippery

It can be very hazardous to both customers and employees to have slippery floors in your restaurant. Also, it can be harmful to your servers, and having slippery floors can cause potential lawsuits from customers who slip and fall. While many restaurants require their staff to wear a specific non-slip shoe to prevent this, it’s not something that’s always enforced. Polished concrete gives the look of a slick floor, but it’s actually very slip-resistant, especially if it’s properly maintained.

It’s also resistant to spills. Having polished floors in your restaurant makes spills easy to clean up. That means out in the restaurant, a customer can accidentally spill their drink without creating a major hazard. Furthermore, in your kitchen, grease can be spilled without causing damage to your floor.

Restaurant Floor Polishing is Long-Lasting

When having a polished concrete floor installed, you want to make sure that it will last a long time. Polished concrete can handle a lot of use over long periods, especially if it’s been properly installed and maintained. Since they last so long, it’s one less thing you have to worry about because you won’t have to close down your restaurant to make repairs. In fact, your restaurant can go decades without even needing to consider repairs to your floor.

Polished floors also stay durable in high-traffic situations. With the number of customers you have coming in and out of your restaurant, you want floors that can handle a large number of people in your establishment at any given time. Polished floors can handle it with minimal scratches and scuffs, especially if they’re maintained regularly.

Easy to Maintain

In a restaurant setting where cleaning is done throughout the day, a polished concrete floor becomes an easy decision. If it’s maintained regularly, which most restaurants already do by default, polished concrete outlasts and outclasses its competition. It needs very little major maintenance, and if the floor was properly sealed at the time of installation, it will rarely require resealing. Concrete is sturdy. It holds up to a lot and even after years of use, it rarely breaks down. Occasional chips and scratches that may come with such heavy usage are actually easy to repair, as well.

Cleaning the floors is as simple as dust mopping the floor daily and using a wet mop on occasion. There’s no need for specialized cleaning devices or fancy cleaners. As previously mentioned, cleaning spills is also easy and will help keep your floors looking clean.

Restaurant Floor Polishing Looks Great

Polished concrete has an incredibly shiny look that adds an extra level of sheen to your restaurant. You can color polished concrete to match the scheme of your restaurant. You can even add a logo or design into the concrete for an aesthetic boost. A polished concrete floor is not only a good way to make your restaurant look great, but it can be designed to tie in with the overall branding of your restaurant.

Quick Installation

Installing a polished concrete floor seems like it can be quite a time-consuming task. It’s understandable that you might be hesitant to either block off part of your restaurant or shut it down completely. Polished concrete has no curing time and can be done quickly. This makes the process fast and easy while ensuring that your polished concrete floor will last for years to come. You can update your floors with minimal downtime for your restaurant.

As you can see, there are several fantastic reasons to consider getting polished concrete floors for your restaurant. They look great, they’re safe, and they’re resistant to many types of potential damage. While polished concrete floors are great, you should have them installed by a professional. If you’re looking to get polished concrete floors installed in your restaurant, we recommend a concrete floor company for your polished concrete needs.