concrete polishing

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

If your commercial flooring requires drainage from water, chemicals, oils, or any other liquid, polished concrete has become a common choice for commercial and industrial floor finishing solutions. A polished concrete floor can be finished in a matte sheen, or you may choose a mirror-like finish.

We generally begin the process by using coarse grinding pads embedded with diamond segments. Depending upon the condition of your floor, arriving at a smooth finish might require 3-4 passes, changing to finer diamond pads with each step. A sealer is also applied in the polishing stage that will protect the floor and it will densify and harden the concrete. As a result, this process has a distinct advantage. Impregnating the sealer eliminates the need for a topical coating. This also reduces maintenance. During the final pass, we can also provide a highly reflective finish that will help reduce lighting costs.

Industrial facilities including the following use polished concrete:

  • Warehouses
  • Big box retailers
  • Grocery stores
  • Distribution centers

Common concrete polishing commercial applications include:

  • Office spaces
  • Data centers
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare, labs and hospitals

When you choose Blair Duron to revive your existing commercial flooring, we will give you a surface that is easy to maintain, hardened to last for many years, provides resistance to chemicals, prevents minor abrasions, and provides a safe working surface for your employees. Call us today to transform your ordinary floors to extraordinary floors.