decorative broadcast

Decorative Broadcast

Decorative Broadcast

Decorative broadcast incorporates colored quartz or color flakes into many commercial and industrial flooring facilities. There is a wide array of color options. We use it to restore pitted concrete flooring. It’s also a great choice for medium duty traffic areas because we can texturize the finish to prevent slips and falls, making your facility safe. There are a few choices when it comes to choosing decorative broadcast:

  • Full broadcast is a process by which the floor receives a thick coat of epoxy and flakes are sprinkled completely over the entire surface. Once this dries, we apply a final topcoat. When completed, your floors will look like stone or granite. This application is pleasant to look at and long-lasting due to the three-layer application.
  • Random broadcast commercial floors are essentially the same as full broadcast. However, instead of completely covering the floor with flakes, they scatter randomly over the entire surface. This allows the color of the epoxy first coat to shine through.
  • Decorative quartz broadcast is another option for industrial flooring. We mix this using clear epoxy resin and colored quartz aggregate. We can apply it in a satin or gloss finish. This choice is standard in healthcare and hospital environments because it delivers a tighter bond. As a result, it eliminates pores, dirt and chemical penetration, and bacterial growth.
  • Cementitious urethane is a slurry that delivers a non-porous and dense finish that is resistant to dirt, chemicals, and offers high impact and thermal shock resistance when installed. We can install this in a completely seamless finish, including an integrated cove base. We can top cementitious urethane with a quartz aggregate, decorative broadcast, and many other finishes.

Where to Use These Options

Any of these solutions are an excellent choice for commercial flooring in:

  • Cafeterias
  • Labs and clean rooms
  • Healthcare and hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Food and beverage production facilities
  • Commercial food facilities

Additionally, each solution offers the benefits of:

  • Durability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Being easy to clean
  • Seamless and slip-resistant
  • Unlimited color choices

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