Transform an Old Floor to New with an Architectural Topping & Resurfacer

Transform an Old Floor

Since we are not a manufacturer, we are able to select the best available product to transform an old floor without any conflict of interest.

For old, cracked, and uneven flooring, we have found TRU® PC to be a modern miracle. With the proper installation, it can restore a floor to today’s floor flatness standard of 1/8 inch in 10 feet.

Existing concrete slabs often have imperfections. As a result, for clients who want uniformity without all the flaws, polished concrete toppings offer an ideal solution. In addition, the other benefit is a large palette of color and aggregate options that can match adjacent undamaged areas. You can even create unique multicolored, designer-style floors that resemble terrazzo.

Rapid Set TRU PC Polished Concrete is a professional-grade, hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping. It can be ground and polished to expose the aggregate and simulate the appearance of polished concrete. TRU PC levels rapidly maintain workability for up to 20 minutes, produce a dense surface, and have high bond strength. TRU® PC is ready for foot traffic in two to three hours. As an interior and exterior product, TRU® PC is durable in wet or dry conditions.

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