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Other Technologies

Other Technologies

Methyl Methacrylate Acrylic (MMA)

Methyl methacrylate (MMA) systems are known for their fast cure time, exceptional durability, and their ability to be applied at temperatures ranging from -30 degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A system with the ability to withstand chemical spills while resisting spills and water, MMA has become especially popular in the food and beverage and retail industries. No other technologies are available in a wide array of colors and is one of the strongest commercial flooring choices.


Commercial rubber flooring is a great choice for retail stores, gyms, warehouses, data centers, and server rooms. ESD rubber floors are widely chosen for data centers, labs, hospitals, and healthcare facilities to protect data from electronic discharge. Auto repair shops and auto service centers require a rubber flooring formulation that will dispel grease, dirt, chemicals, water, and more to help prevent spills and other safety issues.

Rubberized Terrazzo

This commercial flooring choice is a good solution for retail stores, as its natural characteristics provide durability, sound absorption, and slip resistance. It offers a unique architectural statement while helping to fight leg fatigue from working all day on a hard surface. Rubberized terrazzo can withstand heavy fixtures and traffic, and it is both environmentally friendly and LEED-certified.

Poured Cushion Urethane

Pad and pour urethane flooring is a popular choice for schools that use rooms for multiple purposes, including gyms, athletic facilities, and recreation centers. The first layer of this system consists of rubber. This can be as thick as necessary for shock absorption and other uses. After the rubber installation, the provider then pours a seamless layer of polyurethane on top. As a result, this completes the installation. The polyurethane provides a non-porous surface, making it very easy to maintain. Paint applied to the surface can also identify different areas of use. This commercial flooring solution offers many benefits and will also remain a sound surface for 15 or more years. If you notice wear and tear, our team can lightly sand the polyurethane and pour on a new topcoat.