urethane cement flooring airport hangar

Urethane Cement

Urethane Cement

Urethane cement flooring systems have become an important solution for commercial and industrial flooring. Also known as polymer concrete, this product combines urethane with standard cement and an aggregate. We can apply it in thin mil coatings all the way up to ½” cement mortars. Urethane cement is highly recommended in locations where the substrate is damaged and/or experiences heavy traffic and equipment.

Urethane cement flooring delivers a seamless finish and will resist cracking. As a result, this system is watertight and prevents the formation of molds, mildew, and other bacteria. We can make this LEED-certified and customized by adding pigmented topcoats, primers, and decorative broadcast. Regardless of your design choices, urethane cement will maintain adhesion when exposed to extreme hot or cold conditions. It is also chemical-resistant, easy to clean, and prevents slips and falls.

Urethane cement is a natural choice for:

  • Hospital and healthcare facilities
  • Chemical plants
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Schools
  • Automotive manufacturing and dealerships