distribution warehouse polyaspartic coating flooring



Polyaspartic is derived from polyurea and can be chemically formulated to extend the working time and elasticity of flooring material up to 120 minutes. This breakthrough made it possible for polyaspartic to provide a new solution for commercial flooring systems.

Polyaspartic can be installed in temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also bonds easily to most concrete surfaces, is flexible enough to fill cracks and dimples in the substrate, cures to full strength in under two hours, and has superior stain and UV resistance. These outstanding attributes allow our technician to complete an entire floor in a single day once the existing flooring is prepped.

Because of its chemical characteristics, polyaspartic has a wide customer base including:

  • Because of temperature changes, salt, and variable elements surrounding bridges, they generally require an epoxy sealant and a polyurea primer. When we add a polyaspartic topcoat, it extends the life through an additional layer of protection and provides UV protection.
  • Commercial kitchens, restrooms, and other high-traffic areas are a natural fit for polyaspartic as this system withstands stains, has three times the abrasion resistance of epoxy, and can be installed with little downtime.
  • In most cases, high build coatings are not a good solution for outdoor stamped or stained concrete. A high build has the tendency to trap moisture. Polyaspartic can be formulated to apply in a thin layer which allows the concrete to breathe, be permeable, and work perfectly outdoors.

Polyaspartics have been a strong addition to commercial flooring challenges and are a great alternative to traditional flooring systems.