hospitals and healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare Flooring

The commercial flooring needs of hospitals and healthcare facilities vary. The entrances are very high traffic areas that require a sturdy material. Labs and surgery areas must have industrial flooring that can withstand chemical spills, movement of equipment, and harsh chemicals used to keep them clean. In essence, a hospital needs to provide an aesthetically comfortable environment while keeping everyone safe and healthy. When a patient, employee, or friend enters a hospital, the environment should feel warm and welcoming.

Hospital and Healthcare Flooring Options

With a deep understanding of the varying and complex settings across and within different medical facilities, Blair Duron can provide the following hospitals and healthcare facility flooring solutions:

  • The entry to any of these buildings will be a high traffic location. One of the strongest, longest-lasting, and easy to maintain solutions is a Terrazzo floor. Terrazzo can handle pedestrian traffic, rolling carts,  and machinery. Terrazzo can also be designed to make a bold statement that makes everyone feel safe and comfortable, and is the longest-lasting flooring option.
  • Rubber and rubberized terrazzo are very versatile materials that can go in waiting areas, hallways, and offices. Blend them with additives that resist scuffs and scratches to save on maintenance costs. Rubberized terrazzo can be very colorful and offer a unique finish.
  • Operating rooms, emergency rooms, and labs are susceptible to chemical spills and all types of health hazards. Therefore, the flooring should be easy to clean, void of seams, and offer a slip-free surface. We recommend a resinous product like commercial grade epoxy or urethane. These are great solutions because these solutions provide flexible, strong, and safe surfaces while offering very high hygienic safety.  In addition to the health and safety qualities of epoxy and urethane, the material can be customized for each building location and a myriad of design options from a single color to beautiful patterns.

Flooring Options

For this segment of the flooring industry, it is important to select a commercial flooring contractor or company to provide solutions that are static-free, eco-friendly, do not support spreading pathogens, prevent trips or falls, meet strict health code requirements, and have low VOC emissions to improve indoor air quality. Additionally, we offer solutions to minimize outside air, pressurize a room, and dampen noise.