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Other Markets Served

Other Markets Served

Aerospace & Defense

In many commercial and industrial facilities, it is very common to see unfinished, lightly sealed, or polished concrete floors. In aerospace and defense facilities, floors are subjected to jet fuel leaks, chemical spills, solvents, and other corrosive materials. Leaving concrete bare in this environment will eventually cause a floor to become uneven, and sloping failures and divots/chipping can occur. Any of these results is expensive to repair and a safety hazard. While there are other markets for sealing aerospace and defense facility flooring, the most common choice is a multi-layer seamless installation consisting of an epoxy base topped with a light, stable, and chemical-resistant urethane. These can be applied in multiple layers, and we recommend using a material with high solids, low odor, and low VOC.

Amusement Parks

Amusement parks, unlike most other facilities, may require several flooring solutions to meet these spaces’ unique requirements. For example, heavy traffic in lines may require an MMA solution, concession stands a polyurethane solution, mechanical rooms an epoxy solution, and restrooms an epoxy and decorative broadcast solution.

Automotive Manufacturing

Flooring solutions for this market must meet the demands of constant vehicle movement, oils, grease, and chemical spills. Unfinished concrete will absorb hazardous odors which may present employee and customer health issues. Over time, the concrete will crack and require serious repairs. If you are attempting to repair flooring for this market, we suggest extensive prep work, including a strong cleaning solution that can remove and absorb residue, followed by shot blasting or a resinous material that will open the concrete to provide a strong bond for the topcoat. To finish, you can add glitz to a showroom floor by installing a seamless resinous metallic epoxy system. For work areas, a urethane modified cement (UMC) is a great choice. UMC is also a seamless system that resists abrasions and damage to shop floors from dropped tools.

Cannabis Facilities

The singular characteristic of all cannabis growing facilities is concrete floors. With more and more regulations surrounding this industry, growers have learned that it is necessary to install a seamless resinous flooring system before doing anything else. There is a great deal of warmth and moisture in these facilities, creating an ideal environment for the growth of fungus, bacteria, and other undesirable microorganisms. In general, government regulations will require having a durable, non-absorbent surface that is easy to maintain.

Concrete foundations in older facilities need to be checked for leveling and sloping to make certain all water and liquids drain from the floors properly. A high gloss finish will allow overhead lighting to reflect off the floors and expose the underside of leaves, which can promote growth and potentially higher yields. Epoxy, urethane, and polyaspartic resinous flooring systems can offer seamless coved solutions, meet most regulatory guidelines, and give you the additional option of designating specific areas with unique color applications.

Fire, Rescue and Public Safety

Facilities for these public safety teams may require many different commercial flooring options due to the demands of various spaces. Each has heavy traffic and equipment. Resistance to abrasion and impact is critical to the longevity of a seamless flooring system. With lots of activity, providing good traction for the safety of staff is also important. Flooring needs to be durable, able to withstand chemical spills and frequent hot water washdowns, and easy to maintain.

We believe two of the best solutions are epoxy and urethane seamless systems. These installations will prevent the effects of bacteria and molds from finding a home. By eliminating grout lines and adding a non-stick surface, you will mitigate slips and falls, creating a safe space to walk or run to the next challenge. You also have choices, including systems that are 100% solids with low VOC and no odors, which can qualify for LEED credits. Epoxy and urethane flooring systems are available in a wide variety of colors and decorative options. You may select from blends of multihued flakes, quartz, and metallics, or create custom colors for logos or team designation.

General Contractors

We work with many GCs on commercial flooring solutions, from newly built construction to refurbishing older industrial warehouses. Whether it is a large retail space, commercial plane hangar, hospital, pharmaceutical plant, or food/beverage facility, Blair Duron will deliver the right product for each client on time and on budget. Because we do not manufacture materials, we are product agnostic. Through good planning and clear communication, we will listen to our clients and install the flooring systems they desire.

Our team of project managers and technicians has vast experience with today’s best materials and flooring systems, including MMA, epoxy urethane, or any other resinous system. For older facilities, our clients trust us to make sure floor leveling is accurate, floor sloping is correct, and no puddles can form. We will test the foundation for evidence of MVT and if it exists, take corrective action before installing the flooring system.

General Manufacturing

The manufacturing processes of your business have a significant impact on the flooring system you select. If your floors are subject to heavy machinery, oils, grease, and chemicals, there are many seamless resinous system options to fit these needs. Epoxy systems provide a sturdy seamless surface. They are non-porous, easy to maintain, and prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from becoming embedded in the surface.

Epoxy systems are excellent choices for pharmaceutical manufacturing as well because of their ability to maintain a healthy and safe workplace. Polished concrete is also a very versatile choice. It can stand up to the weight of heavy equipment, including forklifts and other vehicles. There are many color options for staining and sealing. Adding a good sealer to polished concrete may also save energy because overhead lighting will reflect off the surface, increasing the natural light source. Polished concrete will be long lasting and maintenance is as simple as daily dust mopping and wet mopping each week.

Government & Municipalities

These facilities have a wide range of needs. They have both private and public spaces, including cafeterias, court rooms, restrooms, outdoor seating areas, and parking garages. Many areas need seamless flooring systems that are slip and impact-resistant, easy to clean, able to cope with temperature changes, and meet ADA, OSHA, NFPA flat and inclined surfaces requirements. Blair Duron has provided a variety of flooring systems for this sector, including resinous, cementitious, and terrazzo.

In many cities throughout the country, terrazzo was chosen because it is very durable. Also, there are no limits to design options. It is easy to repair, prevents mold, mildew and bacteria, contains no indoor VOC, and is a great slip-resistant surface. While terrazzo takes a little longer to install and is a bit more expensive than other systems, it can last over 75 years before requiring repairs. Terrazzo is often installed in public areas of government facilities and epoxy or urethane resinous systems elsewhere. Resinous systems offer a wide array of color options. They can be formulated to meet all the health and safety requirements. Whether clients are interested in a series of stains or decorative broadcast, the options are limitless.

Groceries & Retail

Commercial flooring for grocery and retail stores must be suited for these high-traffic areas. This could lead us to automatically think of polyurethane as the best system. Grocery stores have several things to consider, and if your preference is a resinous system, we often see a combination of a urethane coat finished with epoxy. In refrigerated areas, as well as the deli, meat, and seafood sections, you might consider applying a cementitious urethane mortar directly to the concrete foundation. This will allow for proper leveling as well as fill in cracks and blemishes. This installation also offers excellent resistance to both moisture and thermal shock.

For the bakery, restrooms, and shopping areas, we would use the cementitious urethane mortar as the base coat. Then there should be layers of epoxy and a general quartz broadcast. Big box stores and even some grocery stores often select concrete polishing and a sealer. This is a low-maintenance solution that can be installed quickly. Most other retail stores can choose from LVT, carpet, wood, or ceramic tiles. Any of these choices will require higher maintenance costs and will not stand up to constant traffic, movement of store fixtures, and equipment. Your longest-lasting choices are polished concrete or an epoxy system.

Hospitality & Entertainment

This industry has the challenge of meeting the regulatory demands of OSHA, NFPA, ADA, and FDA while providing guests with a welcoming, enjoyable experience. Commercial kitchens are faced with a steady stream of hot water, grease, heavy traffic, thermal shock, fungus, mold, and bacteria. They must have proper floor sloping to prevent water puddles. We want commercial kitchen flooring to be slip-resistant, easy to maintain, hold up to daily cleaning routines, and be comfortable for staff.

You might want to consider an epoxy system for commercial kitchens. Another option would be the installation of a seamless MMA system with integrated coving for a completely sealed surface. For entertainment areas, polished and stained concrete delivers a unique look. Epoxy and urethane are also good choices, as urethane resists chemical and alcohol spills as well as thermal shock. These flooring systems can be customized for any architectural look and provide for the health and safety of guests.

Schools & Education

Schools present several options for commercial flooring principally based upon how they will use each space. In addition to having soothing colors and being easy to clean, classrooms should be durable and seamless in order to prevent germ and bacteria build-up. Poured cushion urethane is a great choice for classrooms. It provides the qualities listed above, plus the added benefits of noise reduction and increased safety. Poured cushion urethane is also a great solution for athletic arenas, gyms, and activity rooms.

For science labs, cafeterias, and kitchens, methyl methacrylate acrylic (MMA) is a good choice. It is a seamless flooring system with the ability to withstand harsh chemicals. It is also slip-resistant, water-resistant, and safe. MMA is available in a wide array of colors, and it is one of strongest commercial flooring choices available today. For all indoor school spaces, we recommend high solids and low VOC to provide the best indoor air quality. For outdoor surfaces including walkways and other cement substrates, there are many color and finish options with epoxy systems. Many schools have playgrounds for younger children, and here we recommend a rubber system to ensure a safer experience.

Stadiums & Arenas

These facilities are generally only occupied for a few days each month. However, with thousands of fans walking the concourse, using restrooms, and running to concession stands, you need a rugged flooring system. Throughout these facilities, we first recommend using a seamless installation.

For central gathering areas like we see at many soccer stadiums, terrazzo would be a great choice. This is because of its durability, and customization with team logos and even corporate sponsors is possible. Then for the main concourse, a metallic or MMA with a double broadcast system will be slip-resistant, provide UV protection, and prevent embedding food and drinks while remaining easy to clean.

For the food preparation areas, we suggest a seamless cementitious urethane system with built-in coving. Kitchens, coolers, and freezers will require drainage for proper health and safety. Before installing your floor, make certain it slopes at the proper ratio to avoid puddles. For restrooms and locker rooms, you can find interesting colors to match your team’s colors with cementitious urethane as well. We also recommend a seamless coved system for these areas. For luxury suites, rubberized terrazzo or poured cushion urethane offer great customization opportunities. They can make guests feel proud to be part of the team.